Modern Religion is Invalid-updated

Welcome everyone and Thank you for stopping by.  Another hard-hitting message, but necessary;  as all things of religion  compared to Scripture, shows-there is very much missing. 


Before we begin, a little note of reminder--  Satan,   (the Devil, whatever you choose to call him)  was at one time a very Anointed Being in Heaven, he walked up and down among the 'coals of Fire' in Heaven, and was covered with precious stones. He was also the head of music, so he can inspire someone to make-- great sounding, even religious  music.    Should anyone be surprised at the  "earthly power and Authority'' he has-- (Since he is the ''god'' of this world)?   

He can turn darkness into "light", and he can mimic any power or religious ritual or exercise there is.  So IF ---what you see ""Looks'' very religious:  Anointed, or ''Spirit-Led'---you better be alert and look for several other confirmations...Don't be deceived, Satan is a master at-- ''''mimeo"".

Galatians 1:9 “As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”     

This gospel today is a perverted- false message of easy be-lie-vism; GRACE without "obedience", Grace that allows, sin to remain in the life of so called believers, Grace that allows their Congregation to chase after and still love and retain their worldly lifestyle.   

Read  Revelation 12. A good picture of what Satan is doing. He is angry and wrathful, as he knows his time is shortened. He is in the middle of every phase of life, including the religions of the world. There is nothing that  escapes his  distortions, and that includes Christianity; one of his main targets.


It could be said the Disciples and Apostles would most likely become ill, at the sight of the 'religious' gatherings of this day, (AS A WHOLE;  A FEW ARE AUTHENTIC) ---which not only 'profane' The Sacred Name of The most  Precious Almighty Father/Creator of this Universe: but also  disregard His Commands and The words of Messiah.   THEY OFFER A COUNTERFEIT GOSPEL.

In assessing the years long ago: that were given by this writer to the most popular "Religious Paradigm" of that era, it is   truly a difficult task, to  try and find  'qualifying' valid points of  understanding and acceptance;  that should HAVE compared with the Scriptures, THAT we all claimed to believe. 

Looking back, it is appalling to see  a 'supposed'  Foundational Doctrine so out of sync with Scriptural Truth.  It is heart-breaking to realize how many people were convinced that the "messages'' they heard were 'Spirit-Led", when in actuality, most (not all) were so far "off the Mark", it will only be by the Mercy, Love, GENEROSITY and Grace of the Heavenly Father, and  a true Miracle if anyone comes through those 'Pearly-Gates"

Just as today, the same type of Doctrine  exists, but in fact most of it has  slipped even further away, from the original Gospel of the Apostles.   In spite of all the available information we have.  Lexicons, Strong's Concordance, a wealth of  Bible 'Versions', Hebrew and Greek Word studies, a huge collection of ''Commentaries'', and many more books at our disposal.

[But then, of course,  most modern written material is based on ""Tradition""  NOT  ''Sola Scripture", while  more and more 'dis-information', makes its way into what is left of the Apostles Doctrine.   [Even Strong's will be affected by the errancy of the "new Scholars', unless constant attention is laid upon that work.]

We literally have the Truth right in front of our noses, but our ''Eyes" are blinded,  our "Ears" are plugged, and our Senses and intellect  has been so twisted and distorted  by  the old Roman religion, and its repetitive atmosphere; that people cannot even read and comprehend  the simple  verses in Scripture.___

Example__ Joel 2:32 --''And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the ''L-RD'' shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the L-RD hath said, and in the remnant whom the L-RD shall call''.    --- [Leaving the words exactly as the KJV says--Not replacing with real name of YAHVAH.]   

Don't you think --Pastors, Preachers Teachers should work their hardest to find out, ""What the REAL NAME of the "Lord IS"? 

Yet  over and over we are told by the Almighty in Scriptures; to ""Call upon His NAME""--Worship His Name, Praise HIS NAME!!...Why can we not see, WE NEED to Know HIS NAME?      Are we so blind, we cannot read and understand, what the word---'NAME'    MEANS?     STRONGS__#3050--#3068 is very clear and straight-forward.


[ IT IS KNOWN,  The words,  '''god and lord''' are NOT Names, they are ""earth;y titles" given to Millions around the world, and these titles do not,  Honor our Holy Creator Father in Heaven.  Capitalizing the word...'of a 'title'' does NOT change the meaning. but changing HIS real NAME to earthly titles as the Romans did,  brought about many changes to the meaning of The Heavenly Fathers POSITION and caused much disrespect  and dishonor to HIS QODESH (HOLY) BEING.] 

REGARDLESS OF MEN'S OPINIONS;  Our Heavenly Father has many so called ''titles''; BUT HE has ONLY ONE  NAME !!

The NAME of our most Holy Father should be at the forefront of all things taught by our 'so called' Spiritual Leaders;   a very ''basic''  Need,  to show, Honor, respect and Allegiance to   The Most Holy One on High.   No wonder people have no clue, as to "Who'' the Almighty Father of Heaven and Earth really IS!   IF the Pastors don't care enough to know "HIM by His Holy Name";  neither will the Congregation.

---What ""God""or  What "Lord"  are you talking about: Preachers?   Our Almighty is NOT a 'god", HE IS the Creator and Father of ALL things in the Universe.   +1 Corinthians 8:6--EPESIANS 4:6__Long before the NT was written, The Almighty was referred to as the ""Supreme Being""--Looks like they understood more fully, ""Who the Almighty really was"" 

Most Preachers use this book all the time;  at least they should!  What is HIS Most HOLY NAME? -- HINT---""Strong's 3050 and 3068""   LOOK it up?   Then QUIT changing THE ''Tetragrammaton" ===''YOD-HE-VAV-HE""__-WHICH IS: ''YHVH''= the oldest known  original  letters of HIS Name.  (THE EARLIEST ANCIENT HEBREWS ONLY HAD CONSONANTS NOT ''VOWELS") So Easy to pronounce as the Masorites added the silent  'aleph" in between the Y and H, then  the  V and H.  As they must have understood  how to pronounce the Name, back in their early days around 700 AD.   Stop trying to make people and Hierarchies happy and listen to the Almighty and common sense. HIS NAME WAS CLEARLY GIVEN OVER 7800 TIMES IN THE HEBREW TANACH AND FOUND EVEN IN THE INDIAN VEDA, AND  SUMERIAN TABLETS as ==YHVH___YAHVAH !

Add to this List of errancy:

---Study of the WORD, reveals: the wrong Sabbaths are being followed.

---The Celebration of so called Christian  Holidays do not match up with Scripture, they have ""Pagan"" origins, including the major ones. 

---The Real Celebrations and Feasts of the Scriptures have been discarded

---So called ''Good Friday" is a Roman Fallacy

---The Salvation Messages are sorely lacking,, with no Qualifying- needful commitment or life-changes.

---The Ten Commandments have been thrown out.

---The Torah Law has been excluded, despite what Messiah said in Matthew 5:17-18  -- Paul in  Romans 3:31


---Passover has been replaced with ""Easter_(Esdras)" 

---The Clean Food Laws have been tossed.

---The Creator's Calendar is being ignored, -so Sabbaths, Feasts and Scriptural Memorials are out of SYNC

---Little or no Communication between the Community and their Spiritual  leaders. ____

Shall we go on? 

This   "Old-Roman -Modern Cache of Religion is purely invalid, --Its from the pit  !      The Basis (of this invalid belief)  going back to The Roman Emperor Constantine in 325 AD, who created it.   (The early Believers were ""Jews''-''Natzarim''--[Nazarenes]--- NOT Christians, Biblically proven: they followed the Judeo beliefs.   [Not Judeo-Christian]-They were Jews, but SET apart from the ""Sacrifices""; as Messiah was the perfect sacrifice for mankind's PAST Sins)  IF THE EARLY ''BELIEVERS'' BECAME CHRISTIAN AND FOLLOWED THE ROMANS, ITS BECAUSE THEY HAD BEEN GIVEN OVER TO THE ANTI-MESSIAH GOSPEL.    (SAME AS TODAY)

The  Roman Emperors  WHO CAME AFTER  after Constantine, along with the Bishops of 381 AD,  finished its permanence of Heresy. 

No one has changed this Heretical  Travesty since then. The Roman Structure of this False '''ANTI-MESSIAH''  religion still controls the majority of the Modern "Church" World today...(The word Messiah was replaced with the word  'christ', by the Romans)

For more info--- please  check out

Don't take my word for it, study it out for yourself !

2 Timothy 2:15  This modern -people-pleasing  -mushy "what the Creator can do for me"__gospel will take NO ONE to Heaven !! 1 John 4:2-4  

(What your ''eyes""  behold, will determine your eternal destiny---The eyes are the windows of the SOUL--Matthew 6:22-24) 

2 Thessalonians 2:13-15  KJV) 13 ''But we are bound to give thanks alway to YAH (G-d) for you, brethren beloved of the Heavenly Father  (L-rd), because YAH (G-d) hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth:




In Humble Obedience