Traditional Narrow Mindedness

Traditional Narrow Mindedness

Welcome to everyone. We must make clear we Love everyone Dearly, regardless of any cultural difference; but we must speak Truth from Scripture, regardless of our own personal beliefs or friendships. We live in a day of "Need for Truth" without bias in any direction. Scriptural facts are the major component of faith.

We take no aim at ''personal'' individuals;  from within this Modern Day "Web of Regious Contfrol'', but rather at the refusal of Scholars  and other well known College Professor mind-sets who have succumbed to this Age-old Romanish Dogma, knowing it was NOT__ what the Apostolic Foundations were built on.

The majority of Religious Principles today are built on Roman Age Old CREEDS  (325-381AD) rather than Scriptural FACTS;  even so far as the use of 'earthly titles' in place of the Factual Holy Names (Proven) of our Heavenly Father and Messiah. (Strongs #3068 shows the "Original name" of the Elohim of Israel...YHVH=YAHVAH)    JOHN 5:43 shows Messiahs Name in Conjunction with KJV--Psalms 68:4.....

NOT One Clerical leader or Clergyman has any excuse for profaning our Heavenly Father's name, by using earthly titles, instead of His rightful name!!  (No "J"  or even "W",  in early Hebrew Language, nor any  "J" used by  the English until around 1632)


Today, Scholarly Opinions and Traditional Repetitive Pastors, Evangelists and other Religious Publishers, who have been The  Proponents and Followers of the Emperor Constantine's  'Set-in-Place Christian movement, for the last 1700+ years; seem stuck in that Romanized Criteria, from the early times of 325 AD; with no questions asked,  or proof of real Historical Facts, to back up their claims and Dogma, other than the lies and machinations of those men of mixed pagan and Romanized Religious Governmental views AS OUTLINED IN THE NICEAN CREEDS AND LETTERS OF THE ROMAN LEADERS  OF THOSE DAYS, ALONG WITH their cohorts ..

If this trail of mystery,  had been a 'factual journey' following the years of the Roman Emperors, such as Constantine; ALONG with other strong  Authorities, of truely Scriptural APOSTOLIC  knowledge and Faith;  rather  than just the  Singular Nicean Creeds;  Roman Catholic Popes, Catholic Bishops, and Scribal men of Romanized lnstruction along with Heretical writers (such as Jerome)and people bought off by 'gifts' of the State and Local Religious Groups: we might have had a better chance of hearing the full Apostolic Teachings as they were given.  Rather than this "One-Sided" Roman "Sun-worshipping "Krishna-Kristos-Christ"- thought and dogma; Our Saviour was the Messiah YAH-SHA, NOT Kristos-christ---such things have changed Scriptural Direction, and prevailed these hundreds of years, confusing many, and depriving those of genuine interest and Love for the Almighty Creator.

(Sorry to say the  misinformation also comes from many Rabbi's who during those Emperial years,  were horribly  persecuted, and finally sold out to their villaneous political adversaries, bringing back their old Babylonish habits  (from when they were in exile) and Time-Keeping changes to take away their reproach and the incessant slaughter by the murderous  Romans.  Granted they endured so great a massacre, it is a miracle that any Jews of that day survived. The same persection followed Jews and Believers to other regions as well by those trying to keep oeace with Roman Religious and Government rule.

The changes made by Emperor Constantine and others; were so overwhelming, in such a short time, from the Crucifixion; to 325 AD;  it makes many wonder, how these Radical "Jew Hating Emperors" accomplished such widespread changes, without  a great outcry and revolt of the Believers.  But of course ''all out persecution'', with threat of death, enforced by thousands of Roman soldiers explain a great deal.  Whole villages were wiped out, and thousands of Rabbinical leaders murdered.     

Lets clarify one thing, however; the EARLY BELIEVERS WERE NOT CHRISTIANS, THEY WERE NAZARENES Jews; the Scriptures prove this !!. (Called Natzarim) No wonder of course, our Savior was a Nazarene.

NOTE:--The Christian movement was started by Constantine in 325 AD, as he tried to stamp out the Jewish people with all their Jewish beliefs and  lifestyle. Changing their Creators Calendar;  CHANGING  'Sabbaths' to Sunday, and demanding all Jews to Convert to Christianity on threat pf death,  took a heavy toll.

Narrow-Mindedness shuts out any other possibilities of "Faith Based Facts", when "Mens TraditionS''  hold the stage in a noose. No one dared disagree with the Roman Catholic Creeds or Dogma, on threat of death so long ago;  and even in the Middle Ages by the 'Inquisition' that lasted many years; but even NOW in Centuries gone by since that time; have very few shown "Faith in the Word" ALONE of the Almighty;  aside from "Tradition''.  

Gentile and Jewish Believers alike; are as guilty as Old Israel;  BY ALLOWING a mixture of the Holy Word with Romanized input. An intensive  Study on the Scriptural Word alone shows the Real Gospel as was given by the Apostles. (Thoughts seemingly of conflict are easily corrected by delving into the Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, and Strong's Concordance,  for word  comparisons and confirmation of meanings, of course this takes some time and work! )

Bible Colleges and  Seminaries continue their 'Tradition', without question, even when  'real conflict' of Scripture is seen...Their  explanations of discrepancies; given by the age-old Roman Popes and Bishops still hold today,  documents having been updated and expanded by the more 'Modern Traditionists': as the control and world domination by Roman Theocracy is still in place, however  well hidden by other Organizational headletters---- it NEVER left.

The Reformation of 1517, was not held to in the long-run, (Although strong in its beginning)  men of Civilian  and Roman Religious Stronghold's constantly  distracted the New Movements breaking away from the 'Roman Tightrope'.   Some  influences were cleverly disguised and quite well hidden by A FEW "nice sounding" worthless religious agreements, but held no real intent of ever allowing the Protestant "Movers and Shakers" to succeed in their disconnection from - 'Headquarters'.  Most of the Church-World and its ""Statements Of Faith"" sound like a "Carbon Copy''  of the "Higher CHURCH Offices of the Land, with the exception of a few brave souls, holding tightly to their freedoms. The Independents have moved further away from the rest, but even they too have often been misled and corrupted by the influences of the Western World Church Societies.

IF ONLY some of the 'Strong-Willed" down to earth Scriptural Elders and Teacher's,  who Rightly Dividing the Words of Truth would get together, and dedicate themselves to the Gospel Rudiments and core Essence;  Minus any Traditional input or comparisons;  perhaps we might see some hope of return to the 'Apostles Foundation', as was originally given. I doubt, (although its possible), even a full return to the original could take place, unless some Hebrew and Greek Speaking Scholars would subjectively study the Old and New Testaments, with Septuagint alone, apart from any other Religious interpretive input.  Maybe then a fuller working knowledge could take place.  IT must be said, NO MAN, or group of MEN will ever have a full knowledge of Scripture, as it is beyond humanities ability to comprehend it all.

But without question, the very 'Groundwork' and 'Essence' should be understood by the Leadership.  WITHOUT REPENTENCE,  LOVE AND OBEDIENCE TO THE FATHER:   STUDY BY REAL PRAYER AND THE WORKING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT;----- ANY EFFORT OF REAL UNDERSTANDING, WILL BE FRUITLESS, THAT IS THE BASIC NEED FOR IT ALL.    If you doubt this word; ask yourself this question; ''when is the last time you heard an Holy Spirit Anointed Message from the Pulpit, on the "Glory and Holiness of the Almighty Creator Father Messiah, that moved the entire Assembly to tears, then to the alters in Repentence?

2 Timothy 2:15--“Study to shew thyself approved unto YAH, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”